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Welcome to being inspired!

stay curious and take action!

The definition of "INSPIRATOR" according to Merriam Dictionary is "ONE THAT INSPIRES"

I’m an INSPIRATOR!!  I will use this platform to share thoughts, experiences, hacks, products and programs that has helped me living an optimal daily life. I have personally used /use all products promoted on my Instagram account INSPIRATION_INTO_ACTION and this website.

My curiosity to live my best life has lead me here ✨ hope to inspire you to be curious and take actions towards living your best life 💫

With Love, Vibecke

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I am a very proud ZIVA MEDITATION AMBASSADOR and I would love to spread the bliss of meditation to everyone because this meditation technique is for everyone. It has enormous benefits to your daily life.

ZIVA's founder Emily Fletcher says "We are not meditating to be good at meditation, but to be better in life"

I started my ZIVA journey in 2018 after searching for a meditation practice. I realized I didn't have to "clear my mind" to meditate and the guidance from Emily helped me to commit to meditating 20 minutes twice a day!  I know what you are thinking ... "I don't have time for that, I'm to busy!!!" and that's what I thought too before I scheduled it into my day and committed to the practice. 

My life has changed tremendously since I started meditating with ZIVA.

I am calmer and not as triggered to stress as before. ✨

My biggest takeaway is that meditation has given me more time

between the moment something happens and I make a decision how to react. ✨

I don't need that 3 pm pick me up coffee anymore ✨

I love recharging myself when I meditate ✨

I can sit still and enjoy the bliss ✨

I am a LUMIVITAE affiliate because I love this Cellpower Water Bottle so much. After I started using it in my daily life I'm feeling the benefits from it. My focus is better (the brain fog from Covid is gone), less inflammation in my body, I feel more present in my daily life and that it pretty awesome. I have learned how important water is, not just to hydrate, but how and what to hydrate with. The water created in this Liquid Light Vessel uses molecular hydrogen technology that is breakthrough in health science.



Much more than a water bottle:

The CellPower is a piece of technology poised to transform the way you think and consume water.

Utilizing its groundbreaking technology, CellPower generates the purest hydrogen rich water,

delivering a range of potential health benefits supported by research. Moreover, it features three

distinct sets of frequencies beaming from above to infuse your water, as well as intricately calibrated

magnets in the base mimicking the magnetic field of the Earthʼs core.


• selective antioxidant like effects

• anti-allergic effects

• anti-inflammatory effects

• anti-cellular death effects

• anti-aging effects

• support the immune system

• increases the cellular metabolism

• improves the bodyʼs antioxidants or the redox status of the cell

• reduces muscle fatigue

• anti-diabetic effects

• anti-cancer effects

• improves cognitive function or beneficial effects of brain

• protects DNA and RNA

• increases energy or ATP production

• protects from radiation

• protects mitochondria

• increases mitochondria biogenesis

This bottle incorporates natural energy mimicry, emulating the Earth and the sun, to enhance the water's beneficial properties.

Improved Athletic performance- some studies suggest that drinking hydrogen- rich water can reduce recovery time and enhance athletic performance through decreased lactic acid and muscle fatigue. 

I highly recommend you check it out! 💧💦

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