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Vibecke Dahle Dellapolla



Broadway Rising Stars concert  | Town Hall, NYC  | 10 years | Choreographer

VIOLET                           |  The Gallery Players| Choreographer​ / Assistant Director

WHITE CHRISTMAS            | 1st US National Tour |Chor: Noah Racey |Assistant Choreographer

DAISY IN DISQUISE            | The Vital Theater, NYC|Dir: David Hilder |Choreographer

THE GAME BOY                 |The Vital Theater, NYC|Dir: Mary Kate Burke  |  Choreographer

ARABIAN NIGHTS               |Mc Carter Theater, NJ |Ribbon Choreographer

ON OWN FEET                  |Grand Palace Theater,Prague Czech Republic |Choreographer


ELEMENTS                     Norwegian Cruise Line | Dir/chor: Patricia Wilcox |  Resident Director / Choreographer

SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE          Norwegian Cruise Line  |Dir/chor: Patricia Wilcox | Resident Director / Choreographer

SHOUT                           Norwegian Cruise Line  |Dir/chor: Patricia Wilcox  | Resident Director / Choreographer​

WORLD GOES ROUND        Norwegian Cruise Line | Dir/chor: Patricia Wilcox | Resident Director / Choreographer


HIDAWAY                           |      Norwegian College of Dance      | Choreographer

Sports Gala opening              |      TV show NRK, Norway | Choreographer

Gymnastics floor programs      |      Stavanger Turn / Siddis Turn | Choreographer

Rhythmic Gymnastics programs |      Stavanger Turn / Asker Turn |Choreographer



Poconos Performing Arts Camp (Pocono Music Festival).           Master teacher in jazz dance and musical theater

Steps on Broadway  (NYC)                                                     Substitute teacher Jazz and Tap

Broadway Dance Center (NYC)                                                Theatre Dance, Modern, Tap       

Peridance (NYC)                                                                 Modern Dance, Tap (substitute teacher)

New Dance Group (NYC)                                                       Theater Dance (Children’s program)

Ballet Arts (NYC)                                                                Substitute teacher in Theater Dance

Dancewave (Brooklyn, NY)                                                     Theater dance, Tap and Jazz

The Norwegian College of Dance                                             Matt Mattox Jazz Technique, Theater dance 

Look Sharp Dance Studio (NJ)                                               Master classes, Theater dance

The Rockette Experience (Radio City Hall, NYC)                          Assistant (jazz /tap)

Cap à Pied, Oslo Musical Theatre School                                  Theatre Dance, Jazz, Modern, Children

The Norwegian Olympic Center                                               Coordination, Stretching, Body Alignment 

Stavanger Dance Festival                                                      Theatre dance / Tap                    

Fagerborg High School                                                         Master classes, Instructions in Dance and Sports         

Jorunn Kirkenær Ballet School                                               Ballet for Children 8-10 yearsStavanger and Asker Rhytmic Gymnastic team                                                       Coach                                                                                


  • Bachelor in Dance with Pedagogy, Norwegian College of Dance

  • Bachelor degree in Sports coaching , Norwegian University of Sports




  • Norwegian Champion twice in team, Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • 200 Hour RYT Yoga teacher, Shakti Align Yoga

  • 40 Hours Paddle Board Yoga teacher

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